Inspiration for Decorating an Autumn Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower this fall? Bring the outdoor the beauty of the season indoors to help decorate the shower. Whether it’s pine cones, pumpkins or leaves, these autumn baby shower decorations will make your event feel warm and cozy.

1. Decorate for the “Little Pumpkin”

Pumpkins make for great decorations. Choose the smaller, “baby” pumpkins to line the empty surfaces of your food or gift tables and use chalkboard frames or chalkboard votives as buffet or food markers.

Autumn Baby Shower: Little PumpkinsKara’s Party Ideas

You could even turn a few bigger pumpkins into babies by gluing on pacifiers and topping them with baby hats.

Autumn Baby Shower: Baby PumpkinsParent Society

2. Pick Pine Cones

Whether you’re grabbing them from your front yard or picking them up at a craft store, pine cones add a bit of a rustic feel to an autumn baby shower. Fill up a clear glass vase with pine cones and twinkle lights so it doubles as fun lighting.

Autumn Baby Shower: Pine ConesStylish Eve

3. Use Leaves to Decorate

The best thing about autumn is the changing leaves. You can actually use leaves in decorations, like a fall wreath to welcome baby shower guests. If you don’t want to take them from nature, pick up fake leaves at craft stores.

Autumn Baby Shower: Leaf WreathHornsHandmade / Etsy

4. Bright Fall Flowers

Just because it’s autumn doesn’t mean all flowers are out-of-season. Flowers that love fall weather include dahlias, celosia and calla lily’s. Place the flowers in personalized rustic baby shower mason jars to complete the look.

Autumn Baby Shower: Fall FlowersThis Charming Life

In the end, you’ll end up with a perfectly rustic and cozy autumn baby shower.