Inspiration for a Unicorn Nursery

Little baby girls are magical, and they should have a nursery to match! Unicorns and fairies may just be a figment of her imagination, but that doesn’t mean that her room can’t come alive with all things sparkly and mystical. Today we’re sharing 10 bits of inspiration for a unicorn nursery that’s perfectly pink for your little girl!

Minimal but Magical

This unicorn nursery has the perfect palette – soft pinks and greens with lots of white for a minimal and clean space to decorate.

Stay neutral with your wall color and add in something unexpected – a wallpapered wall to anchor the dresser, changing table and chair is always a gorgeous idea, or add in a pop of pink in the closet for some extra color.

Keeping your walls neutral gives you a little more room to play with the color of your basic furniture pieces in the nursery. A pale pink, vintage-inspired crib is the perfect piece for a unicorn nursery. Add in a white dresser with golden pulls for a touch of metallic, and pull the gold through to other pieces in the room – like in the closet shelving or in the decor.

If you start with a crisp white space, you can have even more magical fun when adding in decor and accessories.

Floral Frills

While not totally related, unicorns and flowers do pair nicely together so try to include some blooms in your unicorn nursery design. Because they’re both so dainty and full of pretty pastel colors, you can do a lot when decorating with both.

Looking to make an impact with florals? Find a pretty flower-inspired wallpaper that matches some of the unicorn pieces you have been using for inspiration for your nursery. Then add in florals in other parts of the room, like in a mobile for above the crib or a sweet wreath for the wall. Working florals into your unicorn nursery will add a little extra color and a lot more life to the space.

Dainty Details

Next comes all of the dainty details for your unicorn nursery! This is where you can really get into the unicorn theme. Search for unicorn pieces for the shelves and walls – pretty unicorn bookends look lovely amidst stacks of books and toys, and a few unicorn inspired prints and banners are great additions to your theme.

Plushes and clothing are also great ways to expand on the unicorn theme. A little girl’s room is not complete without a unicorn stuffed animal for her to cuddle with each night. With a gold horn and pretty pink tutu, this toy is sure to be a favorite of hers.

Add in unicorn-inspired bedding and pillows as well – there are so many fun options out there! Mix and match colors, shapes and textures in your pillows to pull all of the different design aspects of the nursery together into one space where she can play or read books in a magical tent in one corner of her room. It’ll be the perfect place for her to dream up a new adventure!

If you’re looking for a nursery theme that is both trendy and soft, a unicorn nursery is just your style. This super girly space will inspire her to dream big!

MWF Unicorn Nursery Inspiration MWF-Unicorn-Nursery-Colors

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