Inspiration for a Tutu Cute Ballerina Baby Shower

Expecting a new baby girl? Perhaps you’re planning the baby shower of your best friend or you’re doing the preparation for your own new arrival. Either way, a ballerina baby shower is just about the girliest and most adorable theme you could use. The party will be decked out in pink, tutus, tulle and ballet slippers. Need some inspiration? We’ve come up with fun ways to deck out your ballerina baby shower so it’s the cutest event in town.

1. Ballerina Wreath

Your guests will know they’re at the right place when they see this wreath. In addition to stringing some pink and white helium balloons to your mailbox, make a ballerina wreath for your front door. It just requires a wreath form, pink tissue paper for the faux tutus and construction paper for the ballet shoes. Easy and memorable.

Ballerina Baby Shower: Wreath

Holly Muffin

2. Ballerina Table Runners

As you decorate the tables, whether they’re dining tables or the gift table, you can start with the table runners. These ballerina runners feature a ballet silhouette and you can even personalize the message with the name of the little one.

Ballerina Baby Shower: Table Runner

3. Ballerina Frames

Let everyone know where the gift table or dessert tables are with these cute frames. They’re covered in pink tulle just like a tutu. You could even get a bunch and use them as place card holders. Then give them away as party favors at the end of the baby shower.

Ballerina Baby Shower: Tutu Frames

4. Tutu Cute Centerpieces

What about the center of your tables? You can’t forget those! Paint mason jars pink and surround them in pink tulle and pearls. You can fill them with delicate flowers or use them as candle holders for some subtle lighting.

Ballerina Baby Shower: Centerpieces

The Rustique Nail / Etsy

5. Tutu Decorations

Of course, you could pick up a slew of real tutus and use them as decorations, too! String them together and hang them from the walls or put them around chairs for an impromptu decoration. The sky’s the limit!

Ballerina Baby Shower: Tutu Decoration

Leo & Bella

6. Ballerina Coasters

As your guests sip from their punch, they can set their drinks down on these Tutu Cute coasters. Get them personalized with the baby’s name. Then, after the baby shower is over, guests can take them home.

Ballerina Baby Shower: Tutu Coasters

7. Pink Treats

In addition to cupcakes and fruit salad, these pink treats would go over well with your guests. Just stick Rice Krispie treats on the end of lollipop sticks and dip them in pink candy melts. Instant hit!

Ballerina Baby Shower: Pink TreatsAnd Everything Sweet

8. Tutu Cute Photo Booth

Finally, for some fun, provide a photo booth. In between mingling and munching on treats, guests can celebrate at your own in-house photo booth. Set out some adult tutus and have them pose in front of this cute backdrop. Afterward, you could make a photo album with the results to show the baby girl when she gets older.

Ballerina Baby Shower: Photo Booth