Infant Development

The rate at which infants develop is quite fascinating.  While every baby is different and each one develops at his or her own speed, here are some of the most fascinating things that babies learn to do first:

1. Tricks

Newborns don’t just sleep, eat, and poop! They can actually do tricks with their body like lifting their head from your chest or turning their head after you have touched their cheek.  They will also perform other reflexes like sucking your finger when you put it in their mouth, or stepping with their feet when you hold them up in a standing position on the floor.

2. Recognition

Babies have the ability to recognize their mother’s voice from birth.  This means that babies actually absorb auditory stimuli while still in the mothers womb and remember it after birth.  Infants also have the ability to recognize odors and tastes.

3. Exploration

Even before babies can walk they begin exploring in other ways.  It might start with squirming around, then rolling over, and then sitting up.  Crawling is usually the next step of exploration followed by pulling up, walking, and then running.

How can you help your infants brain to develop?

While exploration and interaction with your baby will certainly help their brain to develop, there are other ways you can help your baby to thrive intellectually.

1. Talk directly to your baby

2. Talk to someone else in front of your baby

3. Give your baby some independent time