If You Fail This Test—Don’t Buy Baby Gifts!

Ready for your morning hilarity? I found this today on Strollerderby.com, a well-know baby-related Web site. Apparently, someone (perhaps, a parent with uber-erotic tendencies) noticed that some sex toys bear an amazing resemblance to baby toys–bright colors and soft rubber and all. So they put a quiz* in the article  (https://www.babble.com.au/2009/07/22/wednesday-quiz-baby-toy-or-sex-toy/

 Here are a few of the photos you’ll be shown:



You just have to decide if it’s a sex toy or a baby toy. I took the test. It’s a lot harder than you think. I’ll tell you my test score if you tell me yours.

*Use discretion when you take the quiz. It looks like they linked to a sex-toy e-tailer who has it on his site. It’s still fun!