Identical Twins Born A Decade Apart!

baby new year 2009new year baby 2010What a way to welcome in the New Year—on the delivery table!  But, the funny thing is that while one baby is screaming it’s way into 2009, the other doesn’t arrive until 2010.  Who would have thought that the stroke of midnight would make such a big difference–unless you’re Cinderella, of course.

With a turn of the calendar page, the new year brought identical twins with different birthdays–so different that they’re a decade apart–ending one and beginning another.  Born to Margarita and Juan Velasco in Tampa, Florida, they were delivered healthy and without complications even at 10 weeks premature, which is cause for celebration in itself.

Yes, I know, it’s only one day (actually only a few minutes), but just think of the fun they’ll have registering them for school or planning birthday parties for them year after year…literally!  The challenge will be having a party on each of their birthdays without breaking the bank.  It’ll be a lot easier when they get older and can stay up late, because they can have a Rock Around The Clock “midnight” party where guests sing happy birthday to one at 11:59 PM and then to the other at 12:01 AM.  How cool.  About the only thing that won’t be a challenge will be getting them adorable twin baby gifts.  Here are two that I think would be the perfect gift to welcome the two little boys home:  a sports-themed welcome wagon with a layette set for boys and a baby onesie that says that twins are twice the fun.  How true!

Twin Wagon Boy twin onesie boy