Ideas for Magical Unicorn Nursery

Childhood is magical, and your baby girl’s nursery should be magical too – complete with rainbows, unicorns, glitter and lots of color. Today we’re sharing a few ideas for a magical unicorn nursery that your little one can dream and grow in for many years.

Brights + Pastels: A Mixed Color Palette for a Magical Unicorn Nursery

A magical unicorn nursery calls for a color palette unlike any other nursery design. Pastel teal, yellow and pink are soft and wonderful for a magical theme, and when you add in more vibrant golds, hot pinks and turquoise shades you had a unique color palette for this enchanted space.

If you really want the colors and decor to stand out in this room, start with a blank, white slate. White walls become the basis for some perfect color combinations, and white furniture is dressed up when colorful details are added.

Worried your white room will be a little too basic? Add some textural interest to the walls with shiplap or a white textured wallpaper. Doing so will add some visual interest but still serves as a great backdrop for your colorful decor.

Magical Details

A magical unicorn nursery is nothing without the details! Fill this room with as many unicorn decor pieces as you wish to have a space that’s as simple or as detailed as you’d like.

Bedding, pillows and rugs are all great ways to bring color and pattern to a crisp white room. Make sure you choose pieces that fit with the theme and color palette for a cohesive look.

Toys and accessories also add to the essence of the room, so decide on pieces that fit with your style. Unicorn plush toys can be for both design and play. Special keepsakes like a baby’s first bank can be found to fit the theme as well – a unicorn bank is a perfect example of accessories matching the theme.

Baby’s style can match the room’s theme as well! A magical unicorn nursery deserves a wardrobe to match. From an adorable outfit for newborn photos to unicorn moccasins for her first birthday – find clothing and accessories that match your theme and you can display them in frames or on a shelf to be kept as mementos from her childhood.

A Versatile Layout

A baby only stays little for a short while, and before you know it she’ll be switching from a crib to a big girl bed and from a changing table to a toy box or dresser. Make sure you keep this in mind when designing your room’s layout.

There are so many enchanting details you can add to this magical unicorn nursery down the road. The crib can be exchanged for an antique iron bed frame with gold knobs that would fit in perfectly with this theme. The changing table can be switched out with a pastel pink and teal dresser or storage cabinet that holds all of her plush animals and toys. A rocking chair can be switched out with a little set of table and chairs for hosting magical tea parties.

When you’re designing your magical unicorn nursery, keep these details in mind so you can seamlessly transition this theme into a room for her to play in.

No matter her age, your little girl will love her magical unicorn nursery. And when you design with the future in mind, it’ll be a room that she’ll love for years to come.

Magical Unicorn Nursery Collage | Ideas for Magical Unicorn Nursery | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Magical Unicorn Nursery Colors | Ideas for Magical Unicorn Nursery | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

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