Ideas for a Safari Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

Kids love scavenger hunts and wild animals, so today we’ve combined the two to share a safari scavenger hunt themed birthday party!

A Safari Set Up!

Decorations for your little one’s safari scavenger hunt birthday will be nothing short of fun to get set up. Go wild with the decor for a fun theme that kids will talk about forever!

Greet your guests with handmade directional arrow signs showing them the way to all of the birthday party fun. With arrows for food, the hunt, games, and gifts, they’ll be able to find their way easily.

Use tropical houseplants in your decor for a good pop of green and a great jungle feel. Monstera Deliciosa, ferns, and palm leaves all make for the perfect greenery for this birthday party theme.

Decorate with wood slices, animal figures and sheets of moss on your tables for fun animal displays. Let each guest craft their own binoculars to prepare for the big adventure.

The decorations for your little one’s scavenger hunt birthday party will prepare guests for the fun that comes next – the search!

A Safari Scavenger Hunt

Once each guest has filled their belly with safari snacks, it’s time for the scavenger hunt! Equip each child with their handmade binoculars, a safari hat, and a safari map, and send them out to hunt for the animals on their map in the backyard!

Hide different animal figures, treats, and gifts in the yard for the little ones to find. Hide the goodies in the bushes, next to plants and under leaves so they feel like they’re in the jungle on a true safari search.

Once they’ve found everything on their map, take a photo of them with the birthday child then give them an extra special favor that they can take home with them. They’ll love the search and will get excited to see each treasure they find on their adventure.

The Safari Fun Continues!

Once the scavenger hunt has ended, it’s time to head into the house for cake and gifts! An adorable cake with a monstera leaf and a little banner are perfect for this safari scavenger hunt birthday party. Before the guests leave for the day, make sure each one receives his jungle-inspired party favor. A customized mason jar or tin filled with colorful candies or toys are wonderful ideas.

Celebrating your little one’s special day with a safari scavenger hunt themed birthday party will definitely be a big hit for him or her as well as everyone else involved!

Ideas for a Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party | Ideas for a Safari Scavenger HuntBirthday Party | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

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