Ideas for a Fairy Princess Nursery

Your new baby girl deserves a nursery fit for a princess. Full of pretty colors, sparkling decor and lots of sweet details, we’re sharing ideas for a fairy princess nursery that she’ll love to learn and grow in for years to come.

Stately Furniture Fit for a Princess

When you’re looking for furniture for your fairy princess nursey, look for pieces that make a statement. An ornate dresser is a wonderful accessory for a princess’ room, and a grand bookcase or shelving piece is a great way to display little trinkets and special sentiments.

If you’re looking to keep the furniture neutral so that it can transform and grow with your little girl, opt for a more traditional crib and dress it up with crib bedding and a crib skirt that are perfect for your fairy princess room. For an extra special touch, add a hanging canopy over her crib with a golden bed crown that will add a touch of royalty.

Instead of a ceiling fan, opt for a pretty chandelier that will fit the look of the room – it’ll be a statement piece and will add instant glamour.

Decor and Accessories

Once the main pieces of furniture are decided on, it’s time to look for the decor and accessories that will make the room more personal and will add to the fairy princess nursery theme.

Purple ruffle curtains are a perfect accent for the windows. With ruffles down both sides, they will add just the right amount of frill to a space that’s filled with sweet decor.

Find pieces to hang on the walls and from the ceiling as well! A floral mobile will give her something pretty to look at as she falls asleep each night, and a collection of tissue paper puffs and balls grouped together in the top corner of her room creates a pretty backdrop for playtime and naptime.

A Closet Full of Clothes

A princess is nothing without her lovely clothes! Fill her closet full of adorable dresses, sweet bows and pretty onesies that will have her looking precious every day.

A swan lake princess bib is the perfect addition to snack and dinnertime, and precious little princess outfits paired with sweet, sparkly shoes are the perfect way to celebrate just about any milestone or occasion.

Your little girl will have the play space of her dreams with this fairy princess nursery.

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