I Survived A Magical, Marathon Baby Shower!

When it comes to baby showers, you typically expect a dainty afternoon of baby shower games, food and well wishes.  But, from the moment I stepped in the door, I knew this one was going to be different.

When it comes to baby showers, you typically expect a dainty afternoon of baby shower games, food and well wishes.  But, from the moment I stepped in the door, I knew this one was going to be different.  From the decorations to the clever games, they had taken just about everything they could to the next level.  (Kudos to the event planner for creating such a wonderful event!)  I was so impressed with the shower and all the creative ideas, that I just had to blog about it.  And, so, here it is–my magical, marathon baby-shower experience.

Well, if you’re going to be in a place for FOUR hours (that’s the marathon part), you might as well have fun.  I didn’t know that I was going to need long-lasting companionship when I arrived, but thankfully, I was sitting at a table with some lovely, chatty women.  Throughout the course of the evening, we got a chance to talk about EVERYTHING under the sun–from Obama’s healthcare plan to viewing pictures of their babies and discussing business strategies–interspersed between a myriad of baby shower games.  Don’t get me wrong, the time passed quickly, as every activity was met with spirited celebration.  But, hey, when a shower starts at 5:00 pm and you have to sneak out at 9:00 pm with the festivities still in full swing, you have plenty of time to talk.

need to peeLet the games begin!

In addition to the regular stuff, like purse scavenger hunts, they played one game that was unexpected.  It was called the “potty game.”  Since the mom-to-be had spent much of the past few weeks going back and forth to the restroom, they thought it a fitting tribute to play a game that mocked her inability to hold it.  As buckets were lined up on one side of the room, participants had to race their way to the finish line while holding two quarters between their knees.  Needless to say, their potty walk made the race a lot more interesting.  When they got to the “pot”, they had to release the quarters into the bucket.  In hopes of ensuring a win, one participant hopped her way to the bucket without dropping a single coin but then lost it at the end by not getting her quarters in the bucket.  She was foiled by the proverbial pee on the seat–and no one likes that!

But, the adults weren’t the only ones having fun.  To be sure that the 8-and-under crowd didn’t feel left out from the festivities, they also had another room set up with arts and crafts, coloring books, games and face painting for the kids who attended.  It was really like two parties in one.

bottled waterThe decor and favors

In between playing games and gabbing, we had time to take in all the beautiful touches of the pink-and-brown decor.  They spelled the baby’s name with large wooden letters around the gift area, which was a great idea since they could then be used to decorate the nursery, and had plenty of “It’s A Girl” signs draped in pink tulle.  The tables were full of baby shower favors, including personalized bottles of water decorated with bows and pink pacifiers, mini photo frames and favor boxes filled with sweet treats on a bed of pink shred.  Absolutely lovely!  But the thing that was probably the most amazing was their idea for a guest book.  Instead of signing a book, a baby cutout or even an autograph teddy bear, we signed her pregnant body–well, almost.  They had taken a cast of her torso from the breast to the bump, and there is was in all it’s pink glory for us to sign.  It was quite the experience to say the least.

pregnant belly cakeCakes for Mom and Dad

Now, I’m not sure if this is what they had in mind (or if they just were trying to accommodate the 50+ people in attendance), but having two cakes at the shower sort of put me in the mind of the wedding.  You know, at the wedding you have a cake for the bride and a cake for the groom.  Well, it seems they did the same, offering two different desserts for the guests to enjoy.  One cake was an adorable fondant cake shaped like a sundress with polka dots and the oh-so-obvious baby bump.  The other cake was a round layer cake with mounds of hollow chocolate spheres bubbling up on top.  Both were exquisite and delicious.   It was a sweet ending to a wonderful welcome for baby.

So, if you’re planning a baby shower in the near future, maybe some of the ideas from my magical, marathon baby shower will inspire you.  If so, write back.  I’d love to hear the details.