How to Throw a Halloween Baby Shower

If you’re expecting a winter baby, October is the perfect time to celebrate with a baby shower. Today we’re sharing ideas on how to throw a Halloween baby shower full of fun, fall details.

Simple and Sweet Decor

Go simple and sweet with your decor by hanging tissue paper honeycomb balls from the ceiling. A mix of orange, black, white and green balls grouped together make a great statement above the drink bar or sweets table.

For a touch of spookiness, cover each tissue paper ball with sheer black material to add some dimension.

A Touch of Spooky

Want to add a little spookiness to your Halloween baby shower? Include a few fun details, like mummy candle holders.

To make them, grab a few jars and wrap them with strips of white fabric. Secure the ends to the jar with glue, and add googly eyes. Once you’re done, place a tealight candle in each jar and group them together on the tables or at your drink station. They’re a cute and fun way to decorate for the season.

A Pumpkin Guestbook

Instead of a traditional guestbook at your baby shower, have each guest share a sweet note on a faux pumpkin. With orange markers, they can share their hopes and dreams for the baby.

Spooky Eats + Sweet Treats

Your Halloween baby shower is the perfect place to try out some fall treats.

Search for some fun options for your favorite foods – like little baby mummy pigs in a blanket and grapes in a bowl labeled as eyeballs. Halloween is the perfect time to get playful with your food, so find creative ways to name your eats so they match the theme!

For desserts, choose ideas that are perfect for fall! Toasted s’mores cupcakes, sweetly decorated cookies and mini pies are the perfect treats for a Halloween baby shower.

Rustic Extras

A Halloween baby shower is the perfect theme to add some rustic decor. Use burlap details on your tables with long runners down the middle of each table. Then, top them with pumpkins and fall flowers for the perfect mix of Halloween and rustic details.

Add a little bit of rustic to your shower favors as well! Sweet photo frames with burlap banners are great for filling with photos from the shower.

A Halloween baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate the season and the little baby to be! With a festive color palette and a mix of spooky and rustic details, you’ll have a shower she’ll remember forever.

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