How to Get Exactly What You Want From Your Baby Shower Registry

New moms are all aware of the pitfalls of a baby shower. Although you’ll ask for very specific things for your baby, few people actually follow the registry. They’d rather shower your unborn baby girl with a pile of pink clothes than the crib liner you so desperately need.

Getting What You Want From the Baby Shower Registry

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But you have all those things on your baby shower registry for a reason: they’re important. Unless you follow these tips, you may just end up with a lot of baby stuff you don’t need! Here’s what to do to get what you really need.

Create Your Registry Well In Advance

You don’t want people waiting to find out what you want. As soon as your friends, family, and coworkers find out that you’re pregnant, they’ll start looking for things for the baby. Work on your registry right away so friends and family have an idea of what to buy.

Remove Obstacles

Make it as easy as possible for people to find your list and buy something from it. Post a link to your registry anywhere you can. Use a website like Babylist where you can compile gifts from multiple websites.

Speak Up

Be vocal about the fact that you want people to stick to the registry. If you hear someone talking about how they want to go off-list or how they’re thinking of making something, mention again that you have very important things on your list.

Have Variety

One of the reasons why people go off-list is because they can’t find anything in your baby shower registry that they want to buy. Prevent this by adding things from a wide variety of prices. Add super cute items along with the functional ones.

Be General When You Can

Some people like to go to a store and just find what speaks to them. Add lines in your baby registry for more general items, like “baby blanket” or “diapers,” where people can get a bit more creative.

Practice What You Preach

People remember what you got them for their baby shower. If you’re going to a shower in the months before your own, make a point to follow the registry exactly. That friend will be more likely to return the favor.

How will you ensure a successful baby shower? Let us know in the comments!