How To Choose A Holiday Baby Gift

Baby ChanukahBabyChristmasAnd by that I mean a baby who’s born or about to be born in the next month or so—around Chanukah and Christmas. If the baby is expected before Chanukah or Christmas, look for holiday baby gifts that commemorate baby’s first celebration of the holiday. Check out the joyful personalized  bodysuits at the left and right! Pretty cute!

Gift Sets and More!

We love those baby gift sets, don’t we! They’re full of clothes and toys and, near the holidays, they usually come in some sort of keepsake item like a basket or a red wagon or Santa’s sleigh. I’ve provided a couple of examples below:




It’s Also Winter!

While I recognize that winter weather differs depending on where you live, most of the country typically experiences cooler and cold winter weather. Babies need warmth, especially when they go outside, so comfy-cozy clothes are always a welcome gift. Winter clothes for baby can be affordable and fashionable! Take a look at a few adorable winter garments available for the upcoming season:






Good, Old-Fashioned Money

Christmas BearBy the way, there’s nothing wrong with gift certificates, savings bonds and even cash. I know some people are reluctant to give cash because they think it’s impersonal and doesn’t show a lot of thought. Given the economy these days, I imagine most new parents would love to have some discretionary money. Use your creativity in the way you present your cash gift.

If you’re gifting a Chanukah baby, you might use a big, plastic dreidel that opens so you can slip cash, check, savings bond, etc. inside.

For a Christmas baby, find a Santa with a toy bag that opens and put your money gift inside the bag. We found this Christmas bear with a gift box that opens, so you can put whatever you’d like inside. It’s easy to come up with impressive money-gift presentations with just a little imagination.