Hot, Hot, Hot Baby Clothes for Cold Weather!

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what celebrity babies will be wearing this winter! Cold-weather baby clothes in faux leopard and mink are hot these days, waiting to keep your baby comfy-cozy in haute couture.

Personally, I love cold weather. Call me crazy, but I do. One of the truest things I’ve ever heard is this: There is no bad weather. There is only inappropriate clothing. Makes sense to me. And I really love the look of winter clothes, don’t you?

So when the snow is snowing and the wind is blowing, your sweet baby can weather that blustery winter day in luxurious warmth. I just love this stuff!



Never Too Young to Live Lavishly!

Take a look at the faux Mink Couture Coat on the left and the faux Luxe Leopard Coat on the right. Notice the cute little ears on the hoods and the bow accents. Both coats are washable polyester, and guess what! They have booties to match! The “beary” beautiful mink jacket is part of the Bearington collection. The leopard jacket has a leopard’s tail on the back. Both are lined in luxurious satin. Mmmmm. If you’re lucky, maybe baby will let you borrow the outfit sometime.  Okay.  I know what you’re thinking. These are too girly for a boy.

Got Him Covered!



He’ll probably always be your sweet little lamb, but you’ll only be able to visually express that while he’s an infant. Imagine how cute he’d look in this “Lamby Love” Coat and Booties set! Yes, it works for girls too. Also machine-washable polyester lined in satin, the coat includes the hood with the lamb ears. I particularly like the adorable baby lamb faces on the booties. All these outfits make wonderful baby gifts, too. Meanwhile, the only place your baby will be warmer this winter is in your arms!