Honor Mother Earth with Eco-Friendly Baby Furniture

fairtrade2.gifEarth Day is this Tuesday (April 22,) and if you’re a mom-to-be who’s really serious about going green to save the planet, you might want to buy your nursery furntiture from brands that use wood obtained from Fair Trade-sanctioned, managed forests.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is an organized, global, social movement dedicated to creating a market that values the people who make the food we eat and the goods we use. The Fair Trade system benefits over 800,000 farmers organized into cooperatives and unions in 48 countries. As consumers, we can help improve and even save the lives of millions worldwide. Fair Trade:

  • Helps eradicate sweatshops
  • Helps end child labor
  • Reduces the debt burden on the farmers in developing countries
  • Ensures that small-scale farmers can earn a living wage
  • Supports and protects the environment
  • Keep this in mind when you’re searching for baby gifts, baby toys and the perfect baby furniture. I’ve located several beautiful examples of baby furniture manufactured from fair trade-certified, managed forests in New Zealand and Malaysia. Check out the Jenny Lind Changing Table, the DaVinci “Chloe” Cradle and the Jenny Lind Crib:


    Look for the fair-trade mark when you’re shopping for baby furniture. And why stop there? Coffee, tea, chocolate, diamonds and so much more are now being produced by Fair Trade-certified, managed co-operatives and unions. We can all make a difference if we take a moment to look for the label…