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Happy Valentines Day to Mom

Valentine’s Day is not just a romantic holiday for couples.  It is a special day for all of us to remember the one’s we love and have loved.

And who deserves an “I Love You” more than the most important person in our lives, Mom!

Here are some adorable (and hilarious!) examples of Valentines Day cards from kids to their moms:

The Compliment…?
From: Tyler, age 7
To: Mom

valentines from kids

From: Evan, age 7
To: Mommy and daddy

valentines from kids

The Spelling Explosion
From: Nicolas, age 7
To: Mom

(Translation: “I appreciate you because you are a good mom.”)
valentines from kids
The Thanks-For-Clarifying
From: Reece, age 8
To: Mom
valentines from kids
The Watch Your Back
From: [Illegible] To: Mom and Dad
The William Tell
From: Nicholas, age 6
To: Mom
valentines from kids
The Classic
From: Secret admirer
To: Mom
The Classic, Translated For Modern Times
From: Hanna, age 8
To: Mommy
cute kid valentine