Halloween Costumes for Your Pumpkin

Just because your little one is too young to walk up to a neighbor's door and say "trick or treat" doesn't mean they can't still celebrate Halloween. The Halloween tradition is a must for babies. Why? The adorable costumes! Even newborns have options for cozy Halloween costumes. Get ready to snap tons of pictures with your kid in one of these great baby-friendly costumes.

1. Baby Superhero

Anyone can be a superhero, and that includes your bundle of joy. Wrap them up in a superhero costume that features a bodysuit with built-in cape and matching headband. Get it in pink and gold or blue and red.

Superhero Costume

2. Baby Doctor

Have dreams of your baby growing up to be a successful doctor? Or maybe you just want to see your little one dressed as a surgeon? This cuddly soft Baby M.D. costume comes with a bodysuit, cap, and booties that look just like hospital scrubs.

Baby Doctor Costume

3. Baby Owl

Keep your baby snuggly in this Baby Owl costume. It's a matching sack and cap that turns your young one into an adorable brown owl. This is perfect for babies who are new to the world.

Baby Owl Costume

4. Baby Unicorn

For the mythical creature in your family, wrap your little one in this unicorn hooded towel. The set also comes with a matching plush unicorn pal. This proves that you can have some Halloween fun even after bath time.

Unicorn Costume

5. Baby Ballerina

Get this cute ballerina costume for your future dancer. The pale pink tutu comes built into the cozy bodysuit. In fact, the bodysuit and matching cap are so cozy that Baby can even wear it to bed on Halloween night.

Baby Ballerina Costume