Group Baby Shower Gift Gives Mom an Easy Out!

diaper-bag.jpgI went to a baby shower for my very pregnant cousin the other day, and a group of her friends went in on a baby shower gift together. It was such a cool idea, I thought I’d share it with you! These women took the diaper bag gift a step beyond and made it “ready to wear here and there!”

They started with a absolutely gorgeous messenger-style diaper bag filled with lots of pockets, compartments, insulated areas, a change mat, and an insulated bottle holder. Then they filled it with everything the new mom would need to take baby out. Inside the bag were newborn diapers, diaper cream, baby wipes, baby powder, baby sunblock and a little hat, teething gel and plastic bags for dirty diapers. All my cousin would need to do is put her wallet and cell phone in the appropriate pockets, grab her keys and go. The really nice thing about the diaper bag was that, even with all the stuff in it, there was still plenty of room if she needed to add a change of clothes for the baby or a blanket or whatever.

babylovie.jpg A plush toy was also in the bag to keep baby occupied when need be. Because six women went in on the gift, they were able to get a fashionable, high-end diaper bag, fill it to the brim with necessities and spend only about $30 each on an incredibly beautiful and useful gift. I thought it was a pretty savvy choice on their part, and my cousin just loved it!