Give the Expectant Mom This Unique Baby Gift! It’s 4-D Ultrasound!


It’s amazing! It’s controversial! It’s spectacular! It’s a gimmick! It’s 4-D ultrasound–3-D with movement–and moms- and dads-to-be absolutely love it! You can check out a number of them on YouTube.

Apparently, the accuracy is so amazing, you’ll recognize your baby when it’s born. But for gathering medical information, some doctors say 4-D ultrasound adds little to what they already know from 2-D and 3-D ultrasound. According to the ABC-TV affiliate in Houston, TX, the controversy surrounding this imaging option is simply whether 4-D ultrasound is “a toy or medically necessary.” OB-GYN Dr. Joan Mastrobattista says the 4-D can find birth defects, like cleft lip, that the other scans don’t show. The technology is considered safe, although doctors recommend limiting the number of ultrasounds.

The price for a 4-D ultrasound is pretty reasonable. I found packages ranging from $159 to $199. If you decide to give a 4-D ultrasound as a baby gift, make sure you choose a reputable imaging center or medical institution where the power settings on the machines are monitored.

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