Give Birth on a Jet and Here’s What You Get!

Baby WingsAbout a week ago, a woman aboard an AirAsia flight from the island of Penang to Borneo went into labor and delivered on the plane. Luckily, there was a doctor on board who helped with the delivery. For this unusual turn of events, the baby boy and his mother have been given free flights for life with the budget carrier. Not too shabby.

Personally, I would have given the doctor a free pass, too. So let’s take a look at this infrequent occurrence. The article I read didn’t say if this was a premature birth. If it wasn’t, what was that woman doing on a plane so close to her due date that she popped in mid-air? An even better question is will this be the next big reality show?

I can see it now…

screaming-womanDon’t miss the drama ofYou Big FlyBaby! Twenty-two pregnant women with due dates throughout the year are chosen to compete. Whichever woman books a flight so precisely that she goes into labor and delivers on the plane gets free flights on that airline for life. Cameras follow each woman as she, her husband and her obstetrician pinpoint the precise moment based on her office visits.

On the day of her flight, the cameras follow on board to see if she’s a winner. I think it’s a fair trade. She and her child get free flights for life in exchange for having cameras that follow her to her OB visits and, during labor and at the moment of delivery, zoom in for close ups while she screams in agony and calls her husband every name in the book. Will there always be a doctor on board? Nope. She has to take her chances on the flight she booked. Hey! Free flights for life!

AAAAAAAAAAAAANow that’s must-see TV!