Gifts for The Littlest Football Fan!

football-bunting.jpgFall is for FOOTBALL!  The weather is cooler, school is back in session and the football fans are a tailgaiting.

It’s a wonderful time of year.  Sure!  This football baby bunting that I found online (I won’t dare tell you the source) may be just a little bit extreme, but it just goes to show you how enthusiastic some fans can be.  But don’t curb your enthusiasm, no matter what!

Whether you are a college football fan or pro sports are more to your liking, it’s time to get ready for some football!  And that goes for you and your baby.  Why should the adults and older kids have all the fun?  Let your baby in on some football action with these fanatical baby gifts from Corner Stork Baby Gifts that deserve a hearty hoorah from you and your team!

football.jpgLooking for the perfect gift for your M.V.B. (Most Valuable Baby)?  This soft, huggable baby football definitely scores a touchdown.  Whether playing catch or tackling the ball, your baby will have plenty of football fun with this baby gift.  The embroidered patch lets everyone know that he’s the “Most Valuable Baby.”  He’ll be ready for pre-season in no time.  You know, it’s never too early to introduce them to this great pass time.

football-bank.jpgBut if you want to start the football fever while instilling the value of saving money, this nickel-plated football baby bank would be your choice.   It may be smaller than a real football, but it has all the realistic details–side stripes on each end with a money slot through the laces.  A wonderful addition to your baby’s room decor, this bank can be engraved with baby’s name or date for a keepsake that keeps on kicking.

uga-baby-outfit.jpgGet suited up for the big game with this two-piece baby sports outfit.  With the University of Georgia team logo (other team onesies available) on the shirt and briefs, everyone will know which team your baby is rooting for.  Go Team!

But you don’t have to be a sports fan to be a fan of the gifts at Corner Stork.  We’ve got plenty of unique baby gifts for the home team!  Just check out our lineup of fall baby gifts and you’ll see what I mean.