Germany to Grant Parental Leave to Grandparents

old-man-and-baby.jpgObviously there isn’t much to do in Germany. Germany is forced to change some laws because of the “children having children” issue. The government has decided to pass legislation to allow grandparents to take leave from work for up to 3 years when a minor of their family has a child. According to sources close to the new legislation, it’s not designed to make grandparents more active in their grandchildren’s lives, but to allow kids 18 and under to continue going to school instead of dropping out. The other condition is that the young parent must also live with the grandparents.

The idea behind it was for Germany to show that the country is family friendly since the country’s population and birth rate have been in steady decline for the past decade. This is set to make little to no difference according to Russian economists since those births account for a mere 0.9% or around 6000 babies each year. German politicians have been supposedly falling all over themselves passing family friendly laws to create incentives not to leave. Even Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has set aside billions of euros to improve childcare and support young families.

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