Four Fun Baby Facts

Babies are always surprising us with their cuteness and cleverness, but did you know there is research to support the fact that babies are downright smart!?

Here are four fun facts to prove just how smart babies really are:

1. Babies can read lips!

This study from 2012 proves that babies can actually read our lips when we are talking to them before they even know how to talk!

The study found that when babies are around 6 months old they stop looking at peoples eyes and begin looking at their lips to imitate sounds and language!

2. Babies can learn sign language!

Even though babies generally do not begin talking until they are at least 12-24 months old, they can learn to sign language as early as 6 months old!

3. Babies can sense emotion!

A 2013 BYU study showed that by the time a baby reaches 5 months old they are able to sense another person’s feelings and emotions!

4. Babies can distinguish a foreign language!

Researchers studied newborn babies and found that just hours after being born the babies could sense a difference between sounds in their native language and a foreign language!