Five Little Monkeys–A Forever Friend!

As a purveyor of baby gifts, it’s the kind of response you long for when people select one of your gifts. It’s the feeling that the gift is more than appreciated by the recipient–somehow woven into the fabric of their life–that the gift you gave made a difference.

Such is the case with our Five Little Monkeys gift set. Filled with lots of monkey-themed items, like a banana rattle, monkey door hanger, and lovie blanket, the best part may very well be the little brown-and-tan monkey that greets your baby with a smile every time. We were so delighted to hear from Cori Munafo, who received the set as a gift. Little did she know that, along with her son, she’d also welcome a new addition to the family–Bobo. That’s what her children named the little monkey, and he’s now a forever friend to her son Roman. Here they are during playtime.

As you can see, Roman loves his Bobo.

Realizing that this good thing could quickly turn bad if something ever happened to Bobo, she contacted us for a spare. “We received the “Five Little Monkey’s” when my son, Roman, was first born. He is now 10 months old and carries that Monkey around like he is its Momma. I can’t wash it because he freaks out if I take it and he screams if the monkey falls out of the crib,” she says.  Thank goodness for the back-up Bobo!  Now Roman (and his Mom) won’t have to worry about not having this little money around.

Thanks, Cori! It’s nice to know that the gift has meant so much.

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