First Birthday How-To—A Bash at the Zoo!

zoo1.jpgFun for a one-year-old! Fun for you! Fantastic memories and photos! The zoo is a magical place for a child’s first-birthday party! The kids love it, and so do the adults! Naturally, the little ones will love the wild animals—lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes and those ever-popular monkeys. But most zoos have a “petting zoo,” with tame animals that don’t mind having their ears twisted,  their fur pulled and their noses tweaked.  As you can see, here’s where you’ll get the best first-birthday party photos!

While most zoos have birthday-party packages, they’re typically for kids at least three years old. Not a problem. Take the guests to the zoo first, and then head to a restaurant or home for cake, ice cream and the most-important opening of the gifts!

Great Gifts To Celebrate Baby’s First 365 Days!

first-birthday-photo-album.jpg first-birthday-plush-set.jpg Here are a couple of first birthday gifts that truly commemorate the event! Remember those adorable photos I mentioned earlier? Let baby pick out the top 12 and put them in the so-soft “My First Birthday” Photo Album (left.) Another fitting and fun first-birthday present is “My First Birthday” Six-Piece Plush Playset (right)—check out the cute, plush camera and cupcake! It’s also got a squeezable bear that sings “Happy Birthday!” A first-birthday party at the zoo is the perfect place and time to start teaching baby a love for all animals!