First Baby Pics of Tiger’s Little Cub!

Look at that!  Only 10 days old and already stealing the spotlight!

Just in case you hadn’t heard, Charlie Axel Woods was born on Feb. 8 to Tiger Woods and his wife Elin, and this fabulous first pic from Golf magazine was a part of his debut today. (And they didn’t even try to sell the photos to the highest bidder!  How modest.)

Doesn’t it just make you say, “Aww?”  Just looking at Tiger Woods with his family just warms my heart.  Not just because of the dogs (they always look great in family photos), but because they all seem so very happy.  It’s good to see a celeb that hasn’t gotten caught up in himself and appears to be a good family man.  Kudos!  And Congratulations to you and Elin. Sources report that both Charlie and Elin are doing well.  And from the looks of the photo, they all are.  I just wonder if little Charlie’s arrival also brought some sibling gifts for Sam.  It’s a big job being a big sister, you know.

golf-club.jpggolf-bag.jpgAs for the little guy, gifts for him are pretty much a no-brainer with such a famous golfing dad.  Maybe Charlie will follow in his footsteps down the fairway and become a great golfer, too.  If he does, this engraved golf club is just one of our personalized gifts for baby that’s a stroke of genius!  Sure, he won’t be able to use it for a while, but it’ll be waiting for him when he’s old enough.  For a great baby gift he can use in the immediate future, this “My First Golf Bag” set allows him to enjoy the game without knowing the rules or going around the course. All he has to do is have fun with the unbelievably soft little golfer, club, ball, mole and bag, which rattle and crinkle during play.

So, whether you’re an avid golfer or know one who just recently had a baby, these baby keepsake gifts will help you score a hole in one!