Even With Nanny Cam Proof, Justice System Fails!

Sue at Corner Stork Baby Gifts here with my TWIST (The Way I See Things,) and what I see is an insane judicial system that lets child abusers continue their sick and disgusting behavior because the police and judges have their heads where the proverbial sun doesn’t shine.Take a look at the video at the top. Clearly, this brainless woman is mistreating these infant twins. Granted, she’s not shaking the crap out of them, but she’s grabbing them by one arm and throwing them around. That’s when she’s even paying attention to them at all. Her unacceptable behavior was caught on nanny cam (and I commend the parents for being responsible,) yet the police said they could do nothing.Think about all the abused women who go to the police for protection only to be told the bum has to do something physical before they can take any action. So she does the only thing she can do. She takes out a restraining order, which isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, and big surprise–a few days later, the police have a homicide on their hands. The good news is, now they can take some action. I’m sure the poor victim is relieved.

What’s it going to take to take proven abusers of any kind out of service so they can’t continue to harm the innocent? I know our laws say we are innocent until proven guilty. Doesn’t a videotape of an incompetent idiot throwing a helpless baby around by its arm prove guilt? I wonder what would happen to this woman if the mother or father of this baby had been a police officer or a judge?

I’d love to know what you think.