Educational Gifts for Your Toddler

As your little one grows, their toys and fun activities grow with them. Now that they're approaching toddlerhood, the simple rattles and stuffed animals will give way to educational gifts. But just because a gift is educational, that doesn't mean your toddler won't have buckets of fun. These educational gifts will not only teach your toddler something new, they'll also provide hours of entertainment.

1. Koala Bear Scientist

Now that your kid is getting a little older, it's time for their stuffed animals to level up. No boring teddy bears for them! This 3-piece Koala Bear Scientist set comes with a smart plush koala with soft "CuTe" periodic table crinkle toy and test beaker rattle.

2. Cars and Vehicles Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way for your toddler to start recognizing shapes and using critical thinking. Best of all, this Cars and Vehicles puzzle can be played with over and over for months or years of fun. Personalize it with your toddler's name to make this educational gift extra special.

Cars and Vehicles Puzzle

3. "ABC What I Can Be" Book

Education is the route by which anyone can become what they want to be. Help your little one brainstorm for a bright future with this personalized "ABC What I Can Be" book. Now they can learn their ABCs in addition to 26 possible careers and futures. This is about to become one of their favorite bedtime books.

ABC Book

4. Baby Einstein Gift Basket

Want your toddler to be ahead of the pack when it comes to educational milestones? Give them this Baby Einstein "Read With Me" gift basket. It comes with a 12-book Baby Einstein library as well as adorable stuffed animals and toys.

Baby Einstein Gift Basket

5. Farm Day Wagon Gift Set

Does your toddler love all things farm animals? Perhaps they have a stuffed lamb they love or a barn-themed nursery. This farm day wagon gift set comes with educational books, games, and a stuffed cow all inside a Radio Flyer wagon.

Farm Gift Set