Eco-Friendly Baby Products

Eco-friendly products are becoming more popular today as we are all trying to make more ecologically sound choices.  Many traditional products have been revised and revamped so that we can now find practically any product in its “green” alternative; and baby products are no different!

Here are 5 Eco-friendly baby products for you and your little one to try out:


These super-soft bibs are made from sustainable, unbleached fabrics and are sold as a set for $34 at

petites frites bibs


This ultra-sensitive baby sunscreen is vegan, sulfate-free, and has no synthetic frangrances.  $21 at

california baby sunscreen

3.Potato Plate

Here is a plate that looks and feels like plastic, but is not! It is actually made out of potatoes!

Spud is a company that makes products out of bio-plastic which is a vegetable-based biodegradable solution.  You can buy this eco-plate for $9 at

section plate

4. Baby Bottles

These long-lasting baby bottles are made from recycled materials and are BPA free. $19.99 at

thinkbaby bottles


Actress Jessica Alba has recently come out with a new product line for parents that offers non-toxic, natural, and organic cleaning products and baby supplies.  The Honest Company offers a bundled package of laundry detergent, shampoo, body lotion, hand soap, and healing balm for $36 at

the honest company family essentials bundle

You can find more Eco-friendly Baby Products at