Don’t Forget the Camera: 5 Baby-Related Occasions You Should Get on Video

When you’re a parent, you want to remember everything. That’s why there are so many pregnancy and baby journals out there. While pictures are a great way to capture events, some things are better off in video format.

Image via Sergiu Bacioiu

As you raise your little one, don’t forget to video tape these monumental, adorable and memorable events.

  1. Older siblings meeting the new baby for the first time. There are many reactions you could get from your older kids as they meet and hold the new baby. They might say something funny, they might cry–they might even get mad. Either way, it’s something you’ll definitely want to capture.
  2. Pets meeting the new baby. Many pets are surprisingly sweet when they meet a new baby. They’ll cuddle up to her and give her kisses. Don’t forget the camera!
  3. Your baby’s first time eating solid food. She might hate it, she might love it, but either way, it’ll be an adorable occasion.
  4. Your baby’s laughter. Nothing warms a cold heart like the laughter of a baby. Once you figure out what makes her laugh–whether it be the sound of ripping paper or a particularly rambunctious dog–capture it on camera.
  5. Playing in sprinklers. Once your baby can walk around, summer is rife with fun events. If you’ve set up a sprinkler in the backyard, don’t forget to tape her playing in it. Adorable stuff!

What events will you video tape of your baby?