Don’t Forget The Babies on March 17th!

Irish BabyWhen most people think about St. Patrick’s Day, they usually don’t think about babies!  Bars, yes…babies, no.  But, we’re here to change all of that because it’s actually a wonderful time to celebrate the new little leprechauns in the family.  Here are three ways to make it happen!

#1 – Irish Baby Shower Theme

Irish Baby CorsageIf you’re expecting and your baby shower happens to be in March, make it a St. Patty’s Day theme.  Have everyone bring Irish-themed baby gifts and decorate the place with green clovers.  You can even make Mom feel special with an Irish corsage that’s actually a handkerchief that she can use to wipe away the tears of joy.  It’s a wonderful way to wish the Mom and baby good luck.  And, believe you me, they’ll likely need it.

#2 – Baby Baptism

Irish Bible SetAfter the baby is born, it’s time to begin him or her on a life-long journey of faith.  And, having a baby dedication or baptism is a wonderful way to preserve and celebrate your Irish heritage.  Invite family and friends for the service, and offer a traditional Irish blessing over the baby and the family.  To commemorate the spiritual significance of the day, you can bring a keepsake bible or baptismal bib as a baby gift.  The family will truly appreciate the thoughtfulness, and it will surely become and instant heirloom.

Irish baby bodysuit#3 – Adorable Baby Costume

Your baby might not be a leprechaun, but wearing this baby outfit is sure to bring a lot of luck his way.  With a big green clover on the front and the words “Lucky Baby”, could it get any cuter?!  It’s the perfect thing to wear to a St. Patrick’s Day party or just bopping around town.  But, don’t think of this as just something cute to wear.  It’s really a tribute to your history and a way to keep those Irish eyes a smiling–which is what everyone will be doing when they see your baby wearing this bodysuit on the 17th or any other day for that matter.

There you have it!  Three ways to keep the babies in the mix because they’re born to have a good time!