Do You Want Baby’s First Birthday Party to Take the Cake?

Simple! Give that one-year-old her own cake and have lots of cameras handy! We celebrated my niece’s first birthday a couple of weeks ago, and Emerson Rose was given her very own cake. She blew out the candle and tore into the tasty sweetness while 40 of us stood around her and had as much fun watching as she did eating. Here’s a photo:

Emerson1If this were a caption contest, my entry would be “This stuff is amazing! Why in the world haven’t you given it to me before?”

Emerson was seated in her high chair, with a great big bib around her neck and a very large piece of paper covering the floor beneath her, so clean-up wouldn’t be the horror you might imagine.

She’s a cutie, isn’t she? And the happiest baby you’ve ever seen! Nice job, Cari and Brian!