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Do You Know Any of These “Parents of the Year?”

When I show you the photos in just a moment, you’ll realize the designation “Parents of the Year” is dripping with sarcasm. I can’t imagine anything worse than seeing one of these photos and recognizing the baby or parents–unless, of course, it’s you in the photo. Face it–Big Brother is alive and well and has a cell phone with a camera. Sadly, we’re confronted with human stupidity every day on the Internet. Thanks to camera phones and reality TV, we’re all fair game.

So, if you recognize anyone in these photos, you might suggest they take a parenting class. However, if you’re concerned about the reaction you’ll get (and rightly so), just keep an eye on them to see if their lack of parenting skills is worth a call to Child Protective Services. Meanwhile, load the parents up with some  wholesome baby keepsakes, because they’re surely not going to put one of these photos in a frame and hang it over the mantel…