Ditch the Diapers With These Potty Training Tips!

potty-training.jpgHooray!!  You’re past the diaper stage!

Gone are the days of carrying a diaper bag around filled with everything from diapers to blankets.  You and your baby can experience a little freedom.  But as with most achievements, that freedom has a price and it’s called Potty Training!

Somewhere between the ages of 2 and 3, most children gain their independence from diapers and progress to using the “big potty.”  While it’s a time of celebration, it’s also a time that can try the patience of even the best parents.  Helping toddlers make the transition is sometimes met with opposition,  embarrassment and frustration from both the child and the parent.  Here are some terrific tips that might help you through the transition:

  • Learning to use the “potty” is a part of growing up, and there are plenty of excellent books on the subject. Choose one that your child will relate to and read it aloud together to introduce the idea.  Reinforce the information on each trip to the bathroom.
  • Another way to reinforce or teach children is to potty train a doll.  While it may seem silly, dolls are a great teaching tool.  Every time the doll has to “go” make sure the child takes it to the potty.  Reward the doll and the child when they do it correctly.  Older same-sex siblings can also reinforce the idea of potting training by demonstrating the process and encouraging their younger sibling.
  • From decorative training pants to cute new panties and briefs, buying fun new underwear and clothing for the toddler can act as further encouragement.  But once you’ve graduated your child to these items, stick with them even if your child makes mistakes.
  • potty-chair.jpgReassure your child that the toilet is nothing to be afraid of, if your child seems to demonstrate fear.  Gradually let him or her get used to the potty by having them sit on a little potty fully dressed for a few minutes each day while you read or tell them a story. Make it a positive experience.  Our “It’s Potty Time” chair is perfect for that.  When your child is comfortable with sitting on the potty, take the diaper off so he or she can sit on it just like Dad and Mom.
  • Start putting the contents of their dirty diapers in the potty so they can see what happens.
  • While training, give them plenty of fluids.  This increases the opportunity for them to go and to learn.  Be sure to ask them periodically if they have to use the potty to force them to think about it.
  • It is vitally important that when a mistake is made, your response remains encouraging and not frustrated or filled with punishment.  Let them know that accidents are okay and that he or she will ultimately succeed.
  • growth-chart.jpgWhen they do get something in the potty, leave it there for a 1-2 minutes so they can appreciate their accomplishment.  Give them a certificate or chart their success on a calendar.  Reward them with a great gift from Corner Stork Baby Gifts like this adorable growth chart.  It’s perfect to show how they are growing up and what a big kid they’re becoming.
  • Probably the most important thing to know about potty training your child is to know when your child is ready?  Look for signs of physical readiness and ask yourself these questions:  Is your child able to understand and carry out simple instructions?  Has your toddler begun pulling up his own pants or showing signs of wanting to do more things for himself? Can your child go for two or three hours before wetting the diaper?  If so, it may be an indication that the time is right to begin the process.  But be patient and before you know it, you will be able to ditch the diapers for good!