Did Fight Over Gifts Lead To Baby-Shower Shooting?

gun.jpgI certainly hope not.  But, you do have to wonder what in the world would cause a shooting at a baby shower of all places.  It’s such an unlikely event to carry a gun, much less get shot.  According to reports, West Hartford police officers were dispatched to a reception hall at around 11:30 p.m. Saturday after receiving reports of shots being fired.  Investigators said a fight at the event escalated into a shooting incident, resulting in four gunshot victims.

Did you notice the time?  The shooting happened at 11:30 pm.  What kind of baby shower is still going on at that time of night?  Maybe that was the first indication that something was going awry.  Just maybe, after a long night of cake and punch, they finally got around to opening the baby gifts.  One person may have made some off-color comments about another person’s gift, and those became “fighting words!”  Who knows, perhaps somebody didn’t chip in their share for the group baby gift but tried to steal all the glory as if she had purchased the whole thing herself, and things went downhill from there.  Or it just might have been that some lady took the very last baby shower favor right when another person was reaching for it.  One thing probably led to another, and there you go–a fight and shooting ensued.  It’s all speculation, but do you think they might have been fighting over an adorable baby gift from Corner Stork Baby Gifts?

diaper-cake-jungle.jpgIt would be unfortunate, but it wouldn’t surprise me.  There are so many cute gifts at Corner Stork.  But there’s just no reason to fight over our gifts!  We have plenty of unique baby gifts and favors to go around.  Just take your pick from a great selection of keepsake baby gifts and room decor. Take a look at our diaper cakes, for example.  With over 40 different styles to choose from, like this jungle-themed diaper cake, almost everyone there could give one and still not duplicate themselves!

moonlight-bear-nightlight.jpgOr if you’re looking for a creative way to help Mom decorate baby’s room, there’s a full selection of decorative and useful items in store for you, like this too-cute teddy bear nightlight.  Casting a dim light in the room, he’ll be a comforting friend to help baby sleep through the night.

But just to be on the safe side, tell the hostess to get the baby shower favors and gifts from us!  With so many different themes at affordable prices, there’s no reason not to have enough favors for everyone.  The only difficult choice will be deciding on which one.

Consider this a public service announcement from the good folks at Corner Stork, because we would hate to see anyone get shot over our baby gifts.  Avoid this needless tragedy.  Stock up at Corner Stork Baby Gifts so that there are plenty of favors for everyone, and the Mom-to-be can get a great gift, too.