Diapers–They Aren’t Just For Baby’s Bottom Anymore!

Bottoms up!  Diapers have found a whole new place to hang out.  Not just for baby’s bottom anymore, moms everywhere are finding all sorts of great uses for these protective underpants.  Now, I’m all for finding multiple ways to use a particular product–it saves money and our planet–but I never really thought about using them for “these” purposes.  But when a situation arises, and all you have is a diaper, like these resourceful moms, you’ll quickly find that a diaper is all you really need.

Double-duty Diapers

Sasha Brown-Worsham, mom of two and writer at The Stir, has found that grabbing a diaper in a pinch can really do the trick.  Just looking at her list, you might just be inspired to keep a spare diaper in the glove box–even if you don’t have kids!

  • Mopping spills in the car: They are really absorbent and kind of smell good (when not covered in poo). If your toddler spills a sippy cup of juice, a diaper kills a roll of paper towels in terms of sopping ability.
  • Doggie diarrhea: I will admit to using my child’s diaper to stop my dog from having an accident when he was sick. He is a little dog. It worked. Nuff said.
  • Rock stasher: When we go to the beach, sometimes my kids like to collect shells and rocks. Wrapped tightly, a diaper provides a nicely cushioned place to keep those shells and rocks dry.
  • Puke catcher: A diaper is the best way to catch puke (or bloody noses) on the fly.
  • Padded seating: I have lined up two or three diapers when we are at the park and used them to sit on the ground. Bonus: they were still clean enough to use later.

Some other interesting uses I’ve found around the web include:

  • Using them to pour grease in to throw away after frying (more absorbent than pouring it in paper, I’m sure!)
  • For leaky boobs, according to one breast-feeding Mom (don’t ask!)

The Best Use Yet!

While all of these are great ideas, I think Corner Stork has the best alternative use for diapers yet–diaper cakes! They’re great for centerpieces, and they come through in a pinch when you don’t know what to give as a unique baby shower gift.  Best of all, they can be designed to match the theme of the shower or the person.