Diaper Cake Giftspiration

While stuffed animals and beloved children's books have a place at any baby shower, you might be missing out on a great gift option the parents will love you for. We're talking about cakes you won't have to work off at the gym: Diaper cakes! The parents will be going through an astonishing number of diapers in the first months of their little one's life, so lighten their load. These tiered cakes feature stacks of diapers and often have little extras that make the diaper cake extra special. Time for some giftspiration!

1. Yellow Tiered Diaper Cake

Looking for something simple? Our 2-tiered diaper cakes come in a wide variety of colors, like pink, green, and blue. If you're invited to a shower not knowing the gender of the baby, a yellow diaper cake is a great gender-neutral option.

Yellow Diaper Cake

2. Grande Diaper Cake in Pink or Blue

Go big or go home, right? This grande diaper cake comes with four tiers of 152 newborn diapers. The parents won't be in danger of running out of diapers for quite a while, thanks to you! You can choose from pink or blue.

Grande Diaper Cake

3. Puppy Love Diaper Cake

No plain diaper cakes for this baby shower. If the shower is puppy-themed or the house is full of dog-lovers, go with this puppy love diaper cake. It comes with a bib, blanket, sleep gown, and more.

Puppy Diaper Cake

4. Sunflower Organic Diaper Cake

Eco-friendly parents will love this sunflower-themed organic diaper cake. It features three tiers of chlorine-free diapers and Burt's Bees baby products. Only the best for Baby!

Sunflower Diaper Cake

5. Lollipop Diaper Cake

While the parents will be in need of a wide variety of diapers, they're not the only parenting necessities. The lollipop diaper cake also comes with a matching onesie, hat, and washcloths. The diapersĀ feature a variety of sizes to help as Baby grows.

Diaper Cake