Denim Diaper Jean-ius!

denim diapersNo more plain white butts!  Huggies has introduced a new diaper for babies–and they’re denim!  Not only are they absorbent and comfy, they do one thing that diapers before them have never been able to do–make a fashion statement!  While they’ve been getting mixed reviews, I think they’re a stroke of “jean-ius.”  Totally cute and almost irresistible, I had seen them online last week and then in my local grocery store for the first time over the weekend.

The ability to be “dressed” while obviously still being undressed gives babies true fashion freedom–without having to worry about their big white bottoms showing!  Admittedly, it’s probably the parents who care more about covering up than the babies, but still, it’s a clever idea.  And, it’s a “solution” for the parents who allow their children to run around in public wearing only a diaper.  This way they can still be “covered.”  Just think about it.  Even if your baby is lounging at home, he or she can kick back and relax without having to worry about putting on baby clothes if company comes a calling.

Mixed reviews

Who would have thought that something as simple as a baby diaper would stir up so much controversy?  Some say that it’s just another way that the fashion industry is trying to make babies grow up too soon.  Kiddie-sized adult stuff is very polarizing.  You either love it or hate it.  Others say that it’s really not necessary, since nobody but Mom or Dad (or a few specific diaper changers) would ever see them anyway unless your kid’s a little “exhibitionist.”

I think that’s a bit harsh.  Think of all the white-bottomed babies you see running around at the beach, the grocery store and even the mall.  I wouldn’t consider them exhibitionists, but at least this way, they’ll “look” like they’re covered.

crystal pacifierBut, why stop here.  I can see a whole line of baby denim diapers with rhinestones, rips and tears!  One thing’s for sure, if they ever do come out with a high-end designer line, we’ve got the perfect pacifier!

Top 10 Question Countdown

To tell you the truth, these things are so intriguing that they triggered so many questions.  So, in true David Letterman style, here’s my Top 10 Countdown…

10) Do you still wear clothes with them?  I guess you could put some real jeans on top of these “jeans” for a “layered” look!

9) Would you be embarrassed if company came by?  They are still diapers, you know!

8 ) The back view is cute, but I wonder if the front has tabs and pockets too?

7) Does this mean my baby is ready for casual Fridays at work?

6) Is this weird-looking or what?

5) What’s next…denim Depends?!

4) Where’s the “Big Daddy” belt buckle?

3)  Are these baby’s first skinny jeans or are they more like Daisy Dukes?

2) Will later styles also include an American flag bikini top?

…and the Number One question…

1) Will the question on every baby girl’s lips be, “Do these denim diapers make my butt look fat?”

All kidding aside, I really do think they’re cute.  But, since they cost about $3 bucks more than the non-denim kind, I probably wouldn’t buy them all the time, but at least once–just for the cuteness of it all.  How about you?

As they say, being adorable is all in the jeans!