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Decorating a Floral Baby Shower

Whether it’s a brunch affair, an outdoor event, or the mom-to-be just really loves flowers, a floral baby shower is so pretty that you may want to hire a photographer to truly capture the vibe. If you’re holding the baby shower in spring or summer, you’ll have an easier time sourcing the colorful buds.

1. Floral Poster

Floral prints find their way into paper and fabric, besides the obvious real-life flowers. In this case, this personalized baby shower poster is covered in colorful plants. Stick this on the wall or front door to welcome honored guests.

Floral Poster | Decorating a Floral Baby Shower | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

2. Flowers and Balloons

Traditional party decorations are made extra special by incorporating flowers. Rather than a boring balloon garland, stick in your favorite flowers. Fake flowers work best here since the real thing might fall apart.

Flowers and Balloons | Decorating a Floral Baby Shower | Corner Stork Baby GiftsThe House that Lars Built

3. Baby’s Floral Initial

You’re having this baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a precious new family member. If the name of the baby has been announced, create a DIY floral initial for the little one. If you use fake flowers, this decoration can even find a welcome home in the new nursery.

Baby's Floral Initial | Decorating a Floral Baby Shower | Corner Stork Baby GiftsNightchayde

4. Floral Centerpieces

Yes, floral centerpieces are expected, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid them completely. Make them special by choosing fun new ways to present them, like sticking your favorite flowers in a mason jar, growler, or vintage teapot.

Floral Centerpieces | Decorating a Floral Baby Shower | Corner Stork Baby GiftsLauren Armstrong Photography

5. Personalized Wine Bottle Labels

There’s likely going to be a time when you or a guest wants to make a toast to the new parents or baby. Whether it’s with real champagne or sparkling apple juice, make the bottle special with these personalized floral wine bottle labels.

Personalized Wine Bottle Labels | Decorating a Floral Baby Shower | Corner Stork Baby Gifts

6. Flower-Decorated Desserts

Party food is often a forgotten area when it comes to incorporating a baby shower’s theme. Instead of plain cakes, cookies, or cupcakes, cover these confections in flowers just like the rest of the shower. Go for real edible flowers or the sugar and frosting versions. These sweet treats will fit right in.

Flower-Decorated Desserts | Decorating a Floral Baby Shower | Corner Stork Baby GiftsCatch My Party