Cute Caterpillar Baby Shower Theme Crawls Right Into Your Heart

Now, I’m not one for creepy crawlers.  Bugs in general are not my thing.  But, when it comes to using caterpillars as a baby shower theme, I’m all in!  Why?  They’re just so gosh, darn cute!  Perfect for boys and girls, you can find touches of them all over the place–in the decorations, tableware, baby gifts and baby shower favors.  Inspired by Eric Carle’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, here are a few ways to create your own caterpillar baby shower.


If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll love this baby shower invitation idea from Paper Source.  So simple to make but so much fun, all the pertinent information can be found on each circle of the caterpillar’s body.  Of course, you can also go a more traditional route with a printed invitation that features a colorful caterpillar.  Both are still very cute!


Balloons are a wonderful way to accent this theme–because they are oh-so festive and because the round shape is similar to the caterpillar.  You can have a balloon artist twist balloons into caterpillar and flower shapes.  Place them all around and even hang them from the ceiling.  Clusters of balloons around the room are also a nice touch.  If you’re looking for a baby shower centerpiece idea, try this one that’s totally inspired by the book and even includes one for Mom to read to baby.  It’s a classic book that first hit the shelves in 1969 and is still a favorite.

Favors and Gifts

Make it a true caterpillar baby shower and ask guests to give baby gifts with that theme.  Include suggestions for the room (if that will be the theme for the nursery), gift ideas, baby clothing and more.  You can find plenty of caterpillar gifts to accent the theme, like these from Corner Stork.  Before you know it, you’ll be “crawling” with caterpillars!

Because one caterpillar gift deserves another, you can return the favor with a caterpillar baby shower favor.  We think this salt and pepper shaker is too cute not to give to your guests.

Just Desserts

You can’t end the day any sweeter than with a pull-apart caterpillar cake!  Made with individual cupcakes, you don’t have to spend time slicing the cake and everyone can help themselves.