“Cry-O-Meter” Hit With First-Time Parents!

baby-crying.jpgOh, the joys of parenthood! The late night feedings, the frequent diaper changes, and the crying. The crying! It can be frustrating and often heartbreaking to hear your baby still crying after you’ve given him everything you think he needs. You’ve fed him, changed him, and rocked him. And still, he’s crying. What’s a Mom or Dad to do?

While there may not be much to be done about the feedings and diaper changes, there is a new product to help with the crying. Not to stop it but to analyze it. The Why Cry? sensor is supposed to analyze and categorize the baby’s cries into five categories — stressed, sleepy, annoyed, bored and hungry. Apparently, the sensor measures the pitch, frequency, and crying patterns and then displays an indicator on the monitor. Think of it as a foreign-language interpreter for your little one. Boasting a 98% accuracy rate, it may take some of the guesswork out of caring for your child.

So once you’ve determined what your baby needs, the good folks at CornerStorkBabyGifts have come up with some really cute ways to help you meet them:

sleep-sheep.jpgduck-blanket.jpgStressed? Calm your baby with “Mr. Waddles” comfy cozy security blanket. He can snuggle with his ducky friend while relaxing on the soft blanket.

Sleepy? Drifting off to sleep will not be a problem with this personalized lullaby CD with songs designed to carry your baby to dreamland.

Annoyed? This Soothing Sounds lamb can calm baby by hearing a mother’s heartbeat, spring showers, ocean surf or whale songs.

playmat.jpgduck-plate-set.jpgBored? This deluxe activity mat is sure to bring hours of playtime fun.

Hungry? Get ready for mealtime with this duck-theme gift set, including plate, bowl and cup.

As time goes by, parents usually “learn” the difference in their baby’s cries on their own. But until then, this may provide the help they need.