Could This Be Baby's First Blanket?

Most kids have a favorite blanket growing up. They had it as a baby and, as they grow, they carry it with them wherever they go. All around the house, into the car, to a sleepover--their blanket provides comfort in a literal way and as a bit of emotional security. Perhaps one of these great baby blankets will by the little one's lifelong favorite.

1. Cable Knit Blanket

Sometimes the simplest blankets are the real winners. This cable knit blanket is made of ultra soft cotton and has a beautiful decorative border. Choose from white or muted shades of pastel pink or blue.

Cable Knit Blanket

2. "Beary Sleepy" Plush Blanket

The softer the better, right? The velour blanket that comes in this gift set practically feels like better--and Baby will love it. Even better, it comes with a matching plush bear.

Blanket and Bear Set

3. Personalized Polka Dot Blanket

Want to make the blanket unique to this special bundle of joy? Personalize this polka dot blanket not only with their name, but by changing the color, accent color, and font as well. No one will have a blanket quite like theirs!

Polka Dot Blanket

4. Personalized Stripe Blanket

It's not just the polka dot design that can be personalized. Maybe stripes are more their speed. Pick the colors and fill out their name font for a unique baby gift.

Striped Blanket

5. Football Sherpa Blanket

Skip the boring rectangle blankets and pick up this adorable football blanket. This one's perfect for sports-lovers. It's made of ultra soft cotton sherpa fabric making this blanket something baby will love to cuddle.

Football Blanket