Corner Stork Baby Gifts Helps 13-Year-Old Blanket Babies with Love

babyblanket.jpgI just got off the phone with a lovely, young lady named Elissa Redmiles who, at age five, saw a TV news story that spotlighted families in this country struggling to survive, many of them with newborns and babies, and she decided she wanted to help provide families with a few baby essentials.

Elissa’s Remarkable Journey

Imagine. Not only did she have compassion for others at such a young age, she took action–at age five–and The Baby Blanket Project ( was born. Her parents supported her endeavor by giving her fundraising ideas and helping her pick up donations. She wrote to family and friends, who responded generously. Elissa took the money and purchased enough blankets, books, baby bottles, bibs and baby toys to fill 20 packages, which she took to hospitals near her home. Over the years, the recognition of her continuing efforts has enabled her to become a non-profit organization, and today, at the age of 13, Elissa has provided baby gift packages to more than 500 needy mothers across the U.S. and around the world–and her project still growing.

Elissa’s Philosophy

babyblanketgiftpacks.jpg I asked her why it’s important for those of us who are comfortable in life to help those who aren’t. She wisely pointed out, “It’s easy for all of us who are comfortable now to become those who aren’t. It’s our duty to give and help those who don’t have to become haves.” Elissa’s success is “exhilarating, because I make a difference, but sad because I know there are so many others who need help.” She’s an extraordinary role model for other kids–and adults, too–when she tells us, “If you have an idea that you think can help others, make it happen. You’re also helping yourself because you’re opening your eyes to another world you never knew existed.”

Corner Stork Baby Gifts Gladly Gives

dotsblanket.jpgpinklayette.jpg Though Corner Stork has happily contributed blankets, toys, baby clothes and other baby essentials over the years to other worthwhile organizations, The Baby Blanket Project is special, because Elissa has shown us that our youngest generation has opened its heart to the joys of gift-giving, and we’d love to help her spread the word. Corner Stork has partnered with premier baby-gift designer Baby Aspen to contribute ultra-soft baby blankets and layette sets, because–like Elissa says, “it’s exhilarating to make a difference.” Why don’t you head to Elissa’s Web site (,) make a donation and feel the exhilaration?