CNN’s Nancy Grace Has Twins

Nancy Grace Gives Birth to TwinsNancy Grace of CNN fame has just given birth to twins. Only the most avid of watchers even knew that she was expecting, but now she’s not hiding behind the anchor desk. Doctors had to induce labor a full TWO MONTHS before her due date. The “induction” brought a boy and a girl into the world (John David and Lucy Elizabeth). Nancy hosts the legal eagle talk show called, well, “Nancy Grace” on CNN Headline News. Nancy had developed what’s referred to as pulmonary edema, which is essentially fluid in the lungs which swayed the doctors into inducing the labor so early for her own safety.
twinstorks.jpgJohn David weighed 5 pounds, 1 ounce, and Lucy Elizabeth only weighed a mere 2 pounds, 15 ounces. Surprisingly, even though the children were so light and were induced so early, they are very healthy. Now all we need to do is direct the happy couple over to Corner Stork Baby Gifts special area that showcases awesome twin baby gifts for parents of twin siblings.

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