Chris O’Donnell Adds a FIFTH Child

corner-stork-baby-gifts.jpgBatman and Robin star Chris O’Donnell and wife Caroline Fentress delivered their fifth child, a new daughter by the name of Maeve Frances O’Donnell, according to E! Weighing in at 8 pounds and measuring 21 and a half inches long, this is the newest tike to the O’Donnell clan. Maeve will have plenty of siblings to share her toys with including sister Lily, who is 8, brothers Chip, who is 7, Charlie, who is 4 and then Finley, who is about to be two coming up in March.

chris-odonnell.jpgO’Donnell himself is from a large family of 7, but he and his wife are still figuring out how to work out the household duties. He admits on the Today show that they’re just figuring out how it all works, but they’re still very excited about the new addition and look forward to the new challenges that lie ahead.

Chris’s film credits include the Golden Globe-nominated miniseries The Company, special appearances on Grey’s Anatomy multiple times, and he also has an major role in the family film Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, based on the line of super-successful high-end dolls. Other films you may have seen him in include Batman and Robin (as Robin), The Bachelor, The Three Musketeers, Mad Love, Scent of a Woman and others.