“Chews” Mom’s Jewelry with Baby in Mind

chewable-jewelry.jpgOK. I’m impressed. Dr. Helen Bloom Smith had a brilliant idea while she was still in dental school, and it may make her richer than her actual dental practice. The idea came to her at a baby shower (while she was still in dental school) when she became concerned that her twin nephews used her glass-beaded bracelet as teething toys whenever she held them. As a dentist-to-be, Smith worried about what effect the glass beads and metal might have on their tooth development. She tried to pull her wrist away, but the twins let her know they wanted that bracelet. She also noticed that the other mothers with infants at the shower weren’t wearing jewelry–and she immediately understood why. An idea–and a business opportunity–was born.babycolors.gif

Dr. Smith created a line of jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces and key rings,that let Mom accessorize with their outfits and remain happily worry-free when baby grabs one of her baubles and starts gnawing away. Given the recent widespread publicity about lead in baby toys and even jewelry, Bloom’s risk-free “Chewable Jewels” have well-deserved appeal. They come in a variety of shapes and colors. The bangle bracelets and pendant-style necklaces are designed to look like stylish resin or stone, but the 100% FDA-approved silicone is durable, unbreakable, fade-proof, waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and it gently gives way on baby’s gums.

While Mom adds a bit of color and fashion to her day-to-day wear, the jewelry soothes the gums of infants and toddlers and stimulates growing tooth buds. The necklaces cost $15.95, a set of three bracelets is $17.95. a bracelet-necklace combo is $18.95 and a bracelet-keychain pairing costs $19.95. You really have to tip your hat to clever women who see a need and fill it so perfectly.freshwater-pearls-bracelent-m.jpg

jewelry-box.jpg But while baby girls in particular are busily distracted chewing on their moms’ baubles, they can also be wearing their own stylish, keepsake jewelry. Babies like to be stylin’, too. And Mom will have to decide if she wants to keep her baby-safe baubles alongside baby girl’s growing jewelry collection in a beautiful jewelry armoire made just for baby. Either way, both mom and baby prove that accessories make the outfit–and mom’s chewable jewels make teething a fashion-forward experience!