Celebrity Pregnancies–Why Are They Surprising?


Happy “Last Week Before Christmas”! Sweet Sue here with my TWIST (The Way I See Things!) I came across a blog this morning saying that 2007 was the year of surprising celebrity pregnancies. Pardon my cynicism, but isn’t every celebrity pregnancy a surprise? Unless you’re one half of a relationship actively trying to get pregant, that pregnancy (celebrity or otherwise) is going to be a surprise to everyone, including the mom-to-be. The blogger called the pregnancies of Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie not only surprising, but shocking and “out-of-the blue.” Since when do celebrities share their plans to get pregnant with us non-celebrities? Has pop culture made us such wannabe BFFs with celebrities that we’re surprised and even shocked when they get pregnant without even letting us know they were boinking their significant (and sometimes, insignificant) other in hopes of making celebri-tots?

star-onesie.jpgDo you write your favorite celebrities to let them know you’re boinking your brains out or planning to have a baby? I doubt it. So why should you be privileged to the same, most private information from them? Get a grip, people. Celebrities are just like us. They have relationships, get married and have children–and they’re entitled to privacy about those things. Be happy for them when they become pregnant–but surprised and shocked? Please. You’re not a family member or friend, and they owe you no prior information to “ease the blow” when they announce their pregnancy. That’s all it is. An announcement. Not a surprise. Not a shock. Simply an announcement that she, or they, are going to have a baby. It’s bad enough that people speculate for months about some celebrity pregnancies before they’re confirmed. Some people like to keep the news to themselves for a while in case there’s a miscarriage–just like you or I would. THEY’RE NOT YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS! You’re not expected to throw a baby shower or buy a baby gift. Try paying more attention to your own life. Create some neat surprises in your own life, and you won’t have to “live and die” by the highlights and mishaps of some celebrity’s life. It’s a Wonderful Life, so do what it takes to have a life so interesting that you’ll want to blog about it.