Celebrating Baby’s Firsts

From walking to saying his or her first words, the road ahead will be filled with a lot of firsts for baby.  All parents look forward to the first time their baby is able to sleep through the night or their first words and especially their first steps.   You dream of the day your baby will accomplish these things and rejoice when that day finally comes.  Marking the day in the memories of family and friends, baby gifts can be a wonderful way to celebrate and remember baby’s growth.

First Birthday

You can’t blame some parents for going overboard on their baby’s first birthday.  Twelve months is a long time to go without a party.  With so many positive changes happening within that time, there’s plenty of cause for celebration.  Baby is sitting up, learning to speak, crawling and even walking!  But, you don’t have to have a big blowout party to make the day special.  Let’s face it.  The lavish parties at one years old are typically for the parents more than the child.  My advice is to have a few friends and family over and save the big birthday bash for when baby can remember it.  Our “My First Birthday 6 Piece Plush Playset” gives baby plenty to play with in celebratory style.  A birthday cake carrying case, perky “presents” and a crinkly camera is just what baby needs to have fun.

First Christmas

Don’t forget to hang a stocking for baby this year!  There’s going to be lots of gifts under the tree for your newborn–from baby clothes to toys and games.  Here are a few things you can check off your list.  Keepsake ornaments can be hung on the tree each year to remember your new little addition to the family.  Baby’s first Christmas outfits are always a festive way to celebrate.

First Tooth and Haircut

Loosing those baby teeth and getting that first haircut are truly signs that baby is growing up.  While these may seem the most unusual of all keepsakes ( lock of hair and a baby tooth), they are milestones nonetheless–and significant ones at that.  Keep them safe in little keepsake tins and celebrate with a special treat.  Whether it’s ice cream, a play date or some cash under the pillow from the Tooth Fairy, both of these are special times in a child’s life that will always be cherished by mom and dad.

With all the things that baby is accomplishing during these first few years, it won’t be long before you’re celebrating another big first–the first day of school!  They grow up so fast, don’t they?