Celebrate with Soap!

I know.  You wouldn’t normally think that soap is an exciting way to welcome baby, but actually it can be!  And, it is definitely one of the most practical.  Personal hygiene products are high on the list of sensible sendoffs because everyone’s gotta use them, right?  Whether these baby shower favors are used as guest soaps in the extra bathroom or as fun travel soaps when you’re on the road, you’ll always find a good use for soap.  And, when it  comes to these cuties, you’ll want to show these babies off.

Themed to perfection!

Don’t take soap for granted.  Molded into some marvelous shapes, these are not your typical rectangular bars of soap.  Why these designs might even inspire you to create the perfect theme to welcome your little one.  Realizing that your “nest” won’t be as empty anymore after baby arrives, the Nest Egg soap is a charming theme and makes a thoughtful gift.

A baby that is as cute as a button deserves a favor that is, too!  Shaped like a real button, this round soap is as cute as the phrase is personifies.  Presented in perky packaging, the festive box is covered with dots, tied with ribbon and accented with a tiny button in the center.

In addition to being a darling way to thank your guests, the great thing about these two soap favor ideas is that they are gender neutral and would be perfect for boys and girls.

Go ahead everyone…lather up!