Celebrate Siblings With Personalized Gifts

With all the attention showered on the new baby, sometimes the older siblings can feel left out and unloved.  Thank goodness for Grandmas and sibling gifts!  They’re a great way to show them some love and help them embrace their new role as big brother or big sister.

big brother journalGifts can help

Whether only a few months or a few years, your first child has claimed all of your attention and affection.  But now, with a new baby on the way, some siblings feel threatened and shunned as some of that attention goes elsewhere.  Not knowing how to handle the changes, many children feel anxious, but they don’t have to.  Using sibling gifts, like this Big Brother Journal, that honor and educate them about their new role will instill pride and love for their new little brother or sister.  It gives your child a glimpse at what it means to be a big brother or sister while allowing them to share their feelings about the change.  Chronicling the days before and after birth, they’ll realize how awesome it is to have someone looking up to them.

Educate then celebrate!

Being a big brother or sister isn’t all about the responsibility–it’s about the fun!  Having a new playmate, a friend and a confidant are just a few reasons to celebrate the change.  Excited and hopeful, your son or daughter would be proud to have some of these sibling items:

big brother hatbig sister shirtbig sister album